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What a city!

The Hyperbolic Parabola Shells where the dining halls are located
The Hyperbolic Parabola Shells where the dining halls are located

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A brief description of the city

seated from left to right
Narayan Murthy, Clarence Chandran, S.M.Krishna and Nandan Nilekani

Clarence Chandra, COO Nortel Networks inaugurates INFOSYS CITY

Founders, Nandan Nilakani and Mohandas Pai at the Press Conference

It's a kingdom of its own. And the rule of the land is technology. If not for the Taj Mahal this would go down as India's best-known monument. A workplace built on solid foundations of technology. A home built on the dreams of its founding fathers. Infosys City is both - home and workplace for thousands of Infoscions, where bonhomie rules.

It's perhaps the best 45 acres in the entire city of Bangalore. The magnificence of this campus lies in the architecture of the 19 buildings occupying land area of over 90,000 sq.ft at present and soon to expand to over 1.2 million sq.ft once the on-going construction activity is completed.

All this from a humble beginning of one building, which is now aptly called "The Heritage Block", that stood on 5 acres of land. That was the Infosys of the early 90s but history will record the vision of seven colleagues in 1981, when in a Bandra flat of Bombay, Infosys Technologies was actually born.

Today, Infosys is a world-class organization, India's pride and a jewel in Karnataka State's crown.

World's best...
What a city!October 31st 2000 was an important milestone for Infosys Technologies - inauguration of this world-class facility at Electronics City near Bangalore. It is the largest software services campus in the whole world, environment friendly, with lots of greenery all around. Blending with the youthful exuberance of over 4000 men and women who work in Infosys City.

It has everything one can ask for. Beautifully built Customers Care center with state-of-the-art facilities, Food Courts, Basket Ball Court, Swimming Pool, Recreation Facilities, Health Club, Fitness Center with a special enclosure for Aerobics, Sauna Baths, Jacuzzi, Putting and Chipping range for the Golf inclined, Amphitheatre, Education and Research labs imparting training to Software Engineers, a well-stocked Library, High speed connectivity, captive power generation, transportation facilities, stone-laid walking paths connecting each building (or one can use the bicycles provided to move around the campus), Medical facilities, Bank, ATMs, Travel Counter and what have you. But for residential quarters, isn't this a city all by itself?

Proud to be an Infoscion...
Ask any of them and pat comes the answer, "And why not?" After all, the vision was to "become a globally respected software company providing best-of-breed software solutions delivered by best-in-class people". Ask around, anywhere in the world and you'll understand why the name Infosys will come resounding at you. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a college campus but the fact is that Infoscions are a talented bunch with many millionaires amongst them as a result of the employee stock options scheme pioneered by Infosys.

Financial results of the company are in the headlines almost each day. The first Indian company to list in Nasdaq was central to its growth strategy. But financial results are not the only reason why Infoscions are a proud lot. The accomplishment in the global market is the spirit that drives these young men and women to use speed and imagination towards excellence. With development centers worldwide, Infosys has set its course and there is no turning back now. And in the hearts of the thousands of Infoscions "the spirit of Infosys" will power their dreams.

Whither Infosys...
There's no question that "Forward" is the only name of the game on the global arena. There are many more bridges to cross in their quest for excellence. What they have achieved matters. Most certainly it does. What matters more is there's lot more to achieve. And Infosys, with the dynamic leadership of N.R. Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani and the other founders, their colleagues and all Infoscions, have set the course.

And as the world stands and applauds you, Infoscions... www.koramangala.com salutes you in admiration.

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