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  N.S. Parthasarthy, MindTree Consulting Meeting Point (2001)  

N.S. ParthasarthyA fairly early morning meeting with N.S. Parthasarthy, one of MindTree Consulting co-founders and V.P. Engineering of the company, was certainly a refreshing start to the week. For one thing, he's perpetually smiling and secondly, he's deeply committed and exemplifies the very values on which the foundations of this growing organization were conceived.

The just-out-of-school types dream different dreams and rarely does one come across a just-out-of-school type whose aim is to pursue a Doctorate in mathematics. "The ultimate that anyone can achieve in studies is PhD in mathematics," says Partha. So he made a survey of all colleges in India and found that BITS, Pilani topped the list with this very interesting course they offered - M.Sc. (Hons) in mathematics. And just as bees are lured to the honey pot, Partha made a beeline for this course. Fortunately, during the fourth year of his course, computers had just come in and he had to use these mainframes to solve complex equations and stuff like that. This caught his fancy and he switched to computers. In fact, he was the first GATE batch to pass out from college, with a Masters in mathematics. Later, he joined IIT, Kharagpur where he completed his Computer Science.

With high qualifications in a subject like mathematics that Partha had tucked under his sleeve, one would have thought that here was a mathematics professor in the making. It did cross his mind, but then, as he says, "it didn't enthuse me so much". It so happened that in his final year at IIT, he had to work on a project with Wipro. One thing led to another and though Wipro was unheard of as an IT company (just 40 people at that time), Partha joined and for the next 15 years he was an important part of the company's stupendous growth.

Destiny has this tendency to come knocking on doors. So, when two senior ex-Wiproites (and friends as well) in search of like-minded, potential founders dropped by, little did Partha know that his life was about to change. However, he had this instinctively analytical mind and while normal people would ask for "one good enough reason" Partha asked for 40 good enough reasons to join MindTree Consulting. Apparently, he got 40 satisfactory answers and the rest, as they say, was history. "I am what I am because of Wipro and it was a great place to work in," recollects Partha, "but the profiles of the people Subroto and KK were talking about looked like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let go off."

Partha puts MindTree's objective in one sentence "our intention is to create an institution which would outlive each one of us". He continues, "What we are trying to do at MindTree is to combine the consulting capability of our US founders and the technical capability of our Indian founders, to provide the best of these opportunities to our customers." And from word go, this (almost) two-year old company has benchmarked itself with global companies. The fundamentals are in "how can I contribute" to achieve these set goals.

The MindTree House 3 stands proud and tall and with a new facility taking shape next door, MindTree is growing. Yet, this organization hasn't lost sight of the one basic human aspect of life that most tend to ignore - service to society. What MindTree has done to bring smiles to those children from the Spastic Society of Karnataka reflects its humane side.

Partha came from a humble home and he grew up learning humility and mathematics. He hasn't lost out on either. Like the others at MindTree, Partha has this deep-rooted commitment to contribute in all ways.

And then of course, there's that cheerful smile that says a lot about this "mathematical man".

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