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  Mark Chang Meeting Point (2001)  

Mark ChangIt was never an easy task - finding a job. Pouring through scores of vacancy ads in various newspapers was the jobseeker's daily ritual. How times change. Technology improves and ideas take shape. In back alleys, in pubs, in garages - you name it. Ideas such as online recruitments. And to Mark Chang goes the credit for founding one of the best online recruitment ventures this part of the world.

Mark Chang obtained his Masters from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and rose to be the Director, Sales and Marketing of South East Asia in a medical disposal firm. This was when the idea of an online recruitment web site tossed around in his mind. As a first step, he started Malaysia.com and provided free online recruitment services. Today, Jobstreet.com has operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and just recently, India.

Traditionally, a jobseeker applies for a job and sends in the resume. The Internet has changed all this. Online recruitment goes far beyond just jobs and resumes. Candidates can now register their work experience and career preferences, which are matched to job vacancies by intelligent software and an email alert goes out to the candidate.

But isn't all this confined to the technology segment? What about jobs in other areas? "It's a question of understanding how this works. So far, it's the IT companies who benefiting by online recruitments. But soon other companies will accept this concept," says Mark, whose mission is in promoting the concept and ensuring that it filters through the mainstream. "I could have started a web site on books or flowers, but I found that if Jobstreet.com could find somebody a job, it could change the person's life. Maybe they'll be happy with the new job, maybe they'll get more pay and that would give me immense pleasure to help somebody find a job," adds Mark.

What made Jobstreet.com zero-in on India? Mark likes the idea because, "there are lots of people in India looking for jobs. India has a population close to a billion people and that's about 15% of the world population. Secondly, India has lots of talent and the world's best brains. So, this is the right place to expand our business here." He's optimistic that in the next one year, their Indian operations would do well. Notwithstanding other local jobsites of which there are "dime a dozen", Jobstreet.com has its niche. Besides providing end-to-end solutions for HR departments and internet-based recruitments, Jobstreet.com is the first e-recruitment company in Asia to be awarded the TRUSTe certification approved by the US Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commissions, as having adhered to strict guidelines on privacy. In short, one gets absolute confidentiality when dealing with Jobstreet.com. That ought to bring out sighs of relief for those who sneak in resumes while at work.

So, should you wish to post your resume on a quality job site, Jobstreet.com it is. Even Mark Chang has his resume on the site. For some strange reason, the software hasn't come up with a job match for him, as yet.

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