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Making of the MindTree

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Making of the Mission, Vision and Core Value

Anjan & KK in animated discussionAt Vizag, we worked like the devil had possessed us. We almost completely ignored the golden winter sun that lazed on the azure sea overlooking the window of the conference room. All of us took turns to facilitate the discussions. We argued and debated passionately. In moments of extreme intellectual engagement, KK and Anjan frequently stood atop the conference table. After the first day, they realized the futility of stepping up and down and decided that standing on the table was a more fruitful way of conducting business. The rest of us did not complain as long as the two were delivering. The occasional waiter who came in to replenish the flasks of tea and coffee soon got used to the spectacle and learnt to ignore our involvement. In that mode, working twelve hours a day for nearly a week, we wrote down the Vision, Mission and the Core Values of the new company. We also created several spreadsheets that would eventually morph in to our Business Plan.

It was in Vizag that we decided who we want to become. After long hours of debate, we settled on a Mission Statement. It read, "We will deliver business enabling software solutions, by creating partnership with our customers, in a joyous environment for our people". The more I contemplate, the more deeply I feel a sense of oneness with the statement. As you can see, there are three parts to it. The first part is about our business space. We want to be a "business enabling software solutions" company. The second part has to do with our approach. We want to be what we want to be, in "partnership" with our customers. After all, the wisdom of the world is not in us. Also, it is the ability to "accept, to receive" that is invariably bigger than the ability to "give". The inherent message is that, we do not want to present ourselves as people who can transform our customer's business all by ourselves. It is only when a partnership is struck, we are able to be our best and deliver value. Also, desire for "partnering" creates an all-together different pressure on us to "earn" that place in the customer's world. The emphasis on partnering also rules out tactical business relations - however tempting they may appear in the short run. Partnership always is a long-term concept. The third part of the Mission Statement talks about "a joyous environment for our people". Quite clearly, we envisage a workplace that looks beyond the beaten concepts of people orientation and will have to challenge itself continually to create "joy" in the minds and hearts of those who work with us. Having carved out our Mission Statement, we said, we now need a set of tangible, time bound Visions that will tell us whether we have succeeded or not. This was another long drawn out, but very satisfying session.

We said, we would consider ourselves fulfilled if by 2005, we could achieve the following four Visions:
 Achieve $100 Million in revenues
 Establish development centers in four international locations
 Create ownership through stock options at all levels in the organization
 Commit a significant portion of our PAT to support enhancement of primary education in the societies we work in

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