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  Sanjay Nayak, Tejas Networks Meeting Point (2000)  

Sanjay Nayak with Mrs. Nayak"Essentially what will happen, and its pretty clear that it will happen, is that every home will be wired. Whether directly to a computer or through cable TV or whatever. And when that happens, just imagine the potential number of Internet users."

Now, that isn't a prophecy statement of Nostradamus, whose success rate off late hasn't really set rivers on fire. Prophesizing is one thing. Living and breathing technology is another. Which is what the young and dynamic Sanjay Nayak, CEO of start-up Tejas Networks does most times and that statement coming from him makes sense. Technological sense, if you wish.

"Its clear that the next generation telecom infrastructure will be based on optical networking. It will create say 100 times, maybe 1000 times the bandwidth we have today," affirms Sanjay. From the Indian context, bandwidth is the single most important factor stifling the growth of Internet usage. Very little can be achieved in B2B or B2C or video conferencing or what have you, with insufficient bandwidth. Presently, in the Indian scenario the cart is very much before the horse.

The good news for the horse is that with Tejas Networks having tied up with US-based Sycamore Networks, clearly the leaders in Optical Fibre Networking, things should change in the next two years or so. And with Sanjay Nayak leading a "very, very high quality team" to set up the backbone infrastructure and with abundance of bandwidth "it would trigger-off a whole new set of applications and the way Internet is used". He adds," We are in a better position to support optical networks in India because between Sycamore and Tejas we have a kind of partnership where we will complement each other. Sycamore has excelled in the art of execution where they can build a product in half the time it would take any well know, established Telecom Company to do."

From the time Sanjay Nayak decided to leave his earlier employer Synopsis, where he was the CEO, it was clear in his mind that, "Everybody has been doing IT services in India. No one has really done products at a level we are thinking of and that's where the challenge is." With Sycamore's "Desh" Deshpande looking to get a foothold into India, Tejas Networks' entering the fray provided the opportunity. A couple of days of brainstorming with "Desh" in Boston and it was decided that Tejas would begin as a start-up. "The easiest would have been to call it Sycamore India," adds Sanjay.

One doesn't need to be a Nostradamus to predict which way Tejas Networks is headed. Financial and technology support from Sycamore. High quality team in place. Clearly defined vision. And the youthful dynamism of Sanjay Nayak. "Silicon India" nominated this start-up as "company of the year in India". Sanjay doesn't know why but it would seem that "Silicon India" foresaw in Tejas Networks a bright new star in cyberspace. Much of the glitter emanating from Sanjay in the lead.

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