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  Sanjay Soni, Logix Microsystems Meeting Point (2000)  

Sanjay SoniLogix Microsystems Limited is a leading Solutions provider in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is a consulting partner with the world leader in CRM solutions - Siebel Systems, USA besides having a tie-up with Hummingbird Communications, Canada to provide Windows and Web connectivity. The interesting part is that Sanjay Soni a Commerce graduate from Bombay's prestigious Sydenham College who promoted Logix. He's a self-propelled Indian entrepreneur and unlike many of them, not an engineer.

The other interesting part is he was so passionate about computers that he (and a friend) wrote the first book on computers and programming for third year commerce students - a book for students written by students. The syllabus being followed by Bombay University was so very uninteresting that students really didn't enjoy the subject. This book they published eventually found its way into the school curriculum of CBSC. Sanjay could well have gone on to becoming a technical writer or joined a multi-national, as was the trend those days. But then, his entrepreneur family background tugged at his sleeve.

At Logix MicrosystemsIn 1992, when he moved to Bangalore he set a small firm developing software and in 1996 the corporate entity Logix Microsystems was established, focusing on CRM and e-commerce projects. Sanjay justifies the low profile image of his company saying, "We make noise only when it is relevant and not just for the heck of it." Off late however, they have been in the news and have announced new tie-ups and new product launches. Such as their strategic alliance with California-based Cotelligent Inc. to set up an Offshore Development Center in Bangalore. They have a strong vision for the future and work on a two-year timeframe, keeping abreast with changing global trends. Which means, if they have to adapt or change their technology skills they are geared to meet the challenge. "Years down the line, we see ourselves very strong in e-commerce," adds Sanjay. Again, it's their strong vision that motivates people with skill and talent to join a relatively low-profile company like Logix.

Bombay-born, partly educated in Bangalore and partly in Bombay (or Mumbai?) Sanjay thinks the Bangalore "tag" of Silicon Valley of India is rather inappropriate. "I don't think we have the infrastructure to be called that," he says. The slushy, muddy road leading to his beautifully done-up office is perhaps Sanjay's daily reminder (for the last 5 years) why he thinks so. Certainly our software export figures do improve, but infrastructure? Well…

And what does he believe; will Bangalore ever be a "Singapore-like city"? Lack of infrastructure notwithstanding, Sanjay feels Bangalore is "the best city in India today" in comparison with cities like Delhi or Bombay (or Mumbai?). However, he doubts if the city will ever get anywhere near Singapore. "The mindset is totally different. We need to push through reforms at the speed they are required," says Sanjay, implying that fine-tuning isn't fast enough.

Sanjay's mindset is clear. There is a world out there that's rapidly changing and he plans to keep pace. His company focus is also on target - a world-class player and nothing less. Bad roads and poor infrastructure are like bellyaches - momentary - and can be overcome. But entrepreneur spirit demands staying in the race and forge ahead when opportunity beckons. With Sanjay at the helm of Logix you could well say, "One more Indian winner coming up".

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