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  Aparna, Netsol Meeting Point (2000)  

AparnaTons of pages have been written on success stories of India's Silicon Valley. Litres of ink have poured into writings on the moguls who lead this revolution in Information Technology. As a result of this transition, people have become icons to others who wish to emulate these idols as role models in their career. But deep down in the heart of all this activity, it's the software specialists' role that goes unnoticed. They are the ones who actually drive technology and face the many challenges it offers.

Aparna was a fresher with just a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Mysore University to boast, when she walked into Sudhir Sarma's office for a job at Network Solutions (NetSol). It took Sudhir 45 minutes to realize Aparna's potential. She was like an "uncut diamond". All she needed was a bit of polishing and fine-tuning to be one of the jewels in NetSol's crown.

"I knew nothing besides a few software languages. But I was quite keen on doing something different," recalls Aparna when she embarked into her career in systems administration. The first two years were spent developing small packages for various departments. "When my present boss Chandy joined we had this idea of having the application hosted on the Web and having an Intranet," adds Aparna emphasizing that such an opportunity wouldn't have come by for at least ten years had she been with a MNC. Quite right. At NetSol, the culture is different from other IT companies and the MD; Sudhir Sarma makes no bones about it. Neither does Aparna when she says, " I think that's very important for me. The atmosphere is very informal out here. And that's what I like best about NetSol." A good enough reason for not looking at greener pastures elsewhere.

AparnaNow with NeSol for over 4 years, Aparna was preparing for her third Singapore trip to complete one of the projects she has been entrusted with. For a person who once dreamt of being a surgeon, her dedication and commitment to her present job has made her more determined. Speaks volumes on the organization's motivation methods and the immense confidence NetSol has in Aparna's capabilities. As she put it "I don't think I was very confident when I joined NetSol. Today, I can address an audience to the extent I make my own presentations."

Fortunately her parents were fairly broad-minded which allowed Aparna to set her own pace. Hailing from a place like Mysore, hitherto regarded as conservative and a country cousin to Bangalore, Aparna partied quite a bit initially. But now, as she found more responsibilities coming her way at NetSol, she's restrained herself and prefers to concentrate more on her work that she really enjoys. Still, one needs to take a break and weekends in Aparna's dictionary translate to "movies or bowling or visiting Mom at Mysore."

A spinster (though not exactly waiting in the wings to grab Mr. Right if he passes by) Aparna wouldn't want marriage to slow down the pace and activity of her present job. She's conscious of the fact that she's got a good thing going and prefers to make best use of opportunities that come her way. Nuptial dates can wait. In five years from now she sees herself still in Netsol and not one to be lured by overseas offers.

Aparna has a great passion for painting, time permitting, of course. Reading books, again if time was on her side. She loves eating, especially home made food that she enjoys cooking herself. And of course, she loves Thai food. No girlie stuff like knitting, crochet, etc.

Pretty versatile. Pretty talented. Pretty much full of life. And darn pretty too. Whenever Mr. Right comes her way, he wouldn't be wrong.

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