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  P. Sampath Kumar, Zenith Software Meeting Point (1999)  

Sampath KumarHe's a Tamilian by birth. Grew up in bustling Bombay and graduated with Mathematics as his major subject. Worked his way through a Post Graduation from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. Spent his working life at Mafatlal Consultancy Services and later at UB Information Consultancy Services. Had his own consulting firm for sometime before he landed at Zenith Software in Koramangala as a Director. That's a quick statistical round up of Mr. Sampath Kumar, an IT man all through.

Zenith Software is part of the famous Zenith Computer group. When they decided to set up a software unit at Koramangala, their search for an experienced IT person stopped when they met Sampath Kumar, who readily agreed to join them as a director. His vast experience in the field enabled him to "pull out" close associates of the past into Zenith Software.

So, what's Zenith Software all about? Well, it's a relatively new division of the group having set up shop towards the end of 1996. But importantly, it's a 100% Export Oriented company and a leading provider of integrated software services, having executed several onsite as well as offshore projects globally. They've got into a joint agreement with PMC, Connecticut, in the US. With this merger the new company is called PMC-Zenith Inc. And through this company, they propose to expand their base throughout USA, as well as open 3-4 branches in the next year. In September this year, they commenced their UK operations through a new company called Zenith Software U.K. Ltd., and a Britisher is likely to head their European operations.

What makes him confident that Zenith Software will be able ride the IT wave? The reputation of the multi million dollar Zenith Group is one of credibility. No doubts on that score. But what about their strengths? "Our strength is our people and we are also strong in handling offshore projects," he adds. "Then, with my contacts and by hard core marketing, we are sure to do well, even though we are just a 2.5 crore company at present. We are targeting a turnover of about 50 crores in the next 3-4 years," explains a very confident Sampath Kumar.

It so happens that many Koramangala-based start-ups or divisions of large groups such as Zenith have been fairly successful. Under Sampath Kumar's leadership and the vast experience he brings to Zenith, one could expect the company to reach their objectives. Unlike the tech-savvy geeks of Silicon valleys in the US, Bangalore or wherever, Sampath Kumar is a highly religious and domesticated person. "I'm not flashy," he says. Visiting temples and performing pujas is his favourite pastime. And his idea of the perfect holiday? Golden sand beaches, with clear blue waters and swaying palms on the beach? Or marvel at the ruins of an ancient city seeped in history? Or perhaps, a week end getaway to some quiet Resort in Kodai or Ooty?

Not for Sampath Kumar. Instead, a pilgrimage to any religious place would suffice.

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