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  David Samuel, Linc Software Meeting Point (1999)  

David SamuelCall him the missing link if you like. But David Samuel is far from missing. In fact, he's pretty much in focus, spearheading Koramangala-based Linc Software's US operations from New Jersey. As founder-director of Linc, David's contribution has been immense in the long and hard journey from being an unknown start-up in 1987 to an organization that is currently poised for major growth in Information Technology.

David came from a simple, middle-class Tamil Christian family from Madras, with strong family bonds. Genius or not, he was a talented and conscientious student of St. Bedes High School. In 1974 he studied at Annamalai University where he did Electronics and Electrical Engineering. An engineering degree in those days was a pre-paid ticket to the best jobs in any major industry, not to mention the possibilities of a reasonably hefty dowry. That's how education was viewed in days gone by. But David's dreams and aspirations went much beyond. He was an adventure-seeker. He wasn't planning on getting stuck with nuts and bolts on factory shop floors. During his routine job-hunting process, "applying to tons of organizations", he chanced upon vacancies in AVT Software Research Company, which was into Computers. And computers at that time meant IBM. So, David jumped at the offer. It was to be the turning point of his life.

David came in contact with the two school chums, Chandra Kumar and Rajan Narayan (IT Personalities of our May issue) who were also at AVT as Hardware Engineers working on the maintenance of IBM machines. Fortunately, they hit it off well. There was a commonality factor that vibed within themselves. All three were plain, simple, intelligent and down-to-earth types. A relationship began to take firm roots and the rest, as they say, was history. Linc Software's success hasn't come easy. The road ahead was pretty bumpy and the three-some encountered many a jolt as they forged ahead. All three have worked on projects in India, Australia, UK and in the US. The experience gained was of extreme importance. But the fact that they stuck it out together was the real icing on the cake.

What made them tick? "Really, I have no answer to that. It's just that we got along well, better than we did with the others. Did a lot of stuff together. Became attached to each others families," says David. "At one point we did go our separate ways. But then, as luck would have it, we came together again when the plan to start Linc began to unfold," adds David. The decision to leave AVT was tough. On the other hand, the trust had been mutually developed. So, that seemed to have tipped the scales. And soon, Linc was born.

David Samuel and his familyDavid, his wife Veena, their 13-year old son Michael and daughter Rachael are a happy family. It's almost a decade since they came to live in the US. Yet, they haven't lost sight of their Indian identity and values. Veena uncomplainingly goes about her daily chores of the ideal housewife. Michael strictly follows the famous adage "When in Rome do as the Romans do". In the US, he does what the Americans do. Play Baseball and Basketball. And when it's time to calm his nerves, he unleashes his musical talents by pounding on the piano. Rachael - this 3-year bundle of joy is sure that she owns everybody around. Whatever gave her that impression is unclear. But the fact is; she seems quite convinced. Better to rest the case rather than prolong it with possibilities of harassment.

David is a simple sort of person. He's never tugged at the coat tails of money. Loyalty and friendship have always come first. Be it to the family or the organization.

Interestingly, these chain of events form the "Linc"

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