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  Sanjay Nayak, Synopsys Inc Meeting Point (1999)  

Sanjay NayakTrue, Synopsys Inc. is located "bang in the middle of Silicon Valley" in Mount View, California. So, where is the surprise if it's wholly owned Indian subsidiary is located bang in the middle of India's Silicon Valley - Koramangala? Which is where they have their research and development center. In the high-security confines of this beautiful office, we met Sanjay Nayak, the young and extremely intelligent Managing Director of Synopsys.

He graduated from BITS, Pilani with an engineering degree in electronics and opted to do his Masters from North Carolina State University in the US. He joined Gateway Design Automations and in 1987, the company decided to set-up shop in Delhi. So, Sanjay returned to India, but that wasn't for too long. In 1995, he went off to the US and joined View Logic. They too, had plans to have a base in India and once again Sanjay found himself back, but this time in Koramangala. It so happened that in end-1997, View Logic merged with Synopsys Inc. and Sanjay was asked to take charge of the Indian operations.

Synopsys Inc. are the leading suppliers of electronic design automation (EDA) products and solutions to the global electronics market. The company provides comprehensive design technologies to creators of advanced integrated circuits, electronic systems and systems on a chip. Synopsys Inc. is listed in Nasdaq and are a $800 million turnover company. Synopsys India's research and development center in Koramangala is involved in software development and professional services. This center, with 70 plus engineers and Sanjay Nayak's strong technical background has resulted in their having developed world leading software products.

Having lived in the US for 6-7 years, Sanjay is happy to be in Koramangala, though he grew up in Raipur, Madhya Pradesh, where he went to boarding school. Presently, he resides in the 1st block with his family. His thumb rule that he should be "within 10 minutes from his work place" has prompted him to construct his own house in 6th block, adjacent to the Koramangala Club. A quickish jog from there should take him just 5 minutes to his work place. Considering the fact that he is extremely fit (still plays tennis at the club each morning) he should be able to make it to the office in 2 minutes flat. Give or take a few seconds.

Everything about Sanjay was impressive. That he loves enjoys life was pretty apparent. He has this perpetual smile which would make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable. The fact that he agreed to meet us at short notice, inspite of his busy schedule, was a gentlemanly gesture indeed. Another important feature that reflects his attitude was his immaculate office. A colourful painting hung just above his workstation. The laptop waiting to be worked on. And an elegantly framed picture of his family adorned the table. Inspiration, perhaps. Or, a silent reminder that it's time to go home. There's a family out there, waiting.

Well, as we bid adieu, we were reminded about Sanjay's thumb rule of having his home as close as he can to his work place. And in this case, both happen to be in Koramangala. "Thumbs Up!" would be the appropriate way to sign off.

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