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  Partha Sarathy, Aztec Software Meeting Point (1999)  

Partha SarathyFor late-night birds like us, a morning 9 o'clock appointment is considered to be quite early. Invariably, when the alarm rings at 7.00 a.m. the tendency is to shut it off, grab some more sleep in the warmth of the bed, and try to remember those fading moments of the dream, which one wished would turn into reality. Strange though, that on some days one actually wants to be up and ready to face the day ahead. Especially, if the day is pleasant (so very typical of Koramangala) and the person to meet turns out to be equally pleasant. Such as Partha Sarathy, the young and dynamic CEO of Aztec Software.

We were ushered into his simple and elegant office and there he was, with back to us, gazing into his laptop, pondering in concentration and on hearing us enter, he turned around in his swivel chair and said, "I'm Partha." He was pleasant, indeed. The day had begun well, notwithstanding the early morning wake-up call.

A mechanical engineer from the 1980 IIT batch, Partha was with Telco, Jamshedpur doing the grind on the shop floor, except that one day, he realized that this wasn't his cup of tea. He had done a bit of IT and almost went abroad to do his Ph.D., but then, a firm "No" from his mother settled the issue. Instead, he went to IIM-A and on passing out, joined Wipro at Madras and stayed on for 4-41/2 years. Then, with some friends, he started Computer Garage, one of the early V.C. funded companies. 7 years later, he and his friend Govi started Aztec Software, in a room on Queen's Road, Bangalore. Sometime later, they shifted base to Electronics City and finally, in mid-1997, Aztec moved into Koramangala and just recently, into this brand new office that we just talked about.

Aztec's claim to fame is "Jpact" an e-commerce solution product, for information access, integration and distribution over the Internet. Expanded, Jpact stands for Java Powered Access Technology, which has had a good amount of success in the US and prompted them to look at other markets in Europe and East Asia. They are now working with several products in areas of Web Technology and Database and the current "hot" product is XML (Extended Mark-up Language). "We are certainly the first in India working on XML," says Partha and adds," We are very focussed on high value product areas and not just on pure services." The Aztec model is very similar to that of the Silicon Valley model. Meaning, that they are working on a model of the future and not of the present. The core team that developed Jpact consisted of 10 members and the total strength of the company is just about 60 or so. "We are a great team and our people are extremely good in the technologies that we are working on," says Partha with an enormous sense of pride. And why not? It was a far cry from working on the shop floors of Telco, wasn't it?

Koramangala's 6th block is where Aztec is located. In close proximity of 2 other IT companies; a web-designing outfit and at the corner of the street lives a very eminent IT personality. The greenery of the surroundings lends a certain charm to this part of Koramangala. And Aztec - a start-up that has achieved a fair amount of success in so short a time - couldn't have asked for a better environment to work in. Partha was bang-on when he said, "the only civilized place to be in." Without any doubt, he was referring to Koramangala.

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