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  T.S.Rajesh, Gray Cell Meeting Point (1999)  

T.S.RajeshThe ambience at the Gray Cell office in 3rd block, Koramangala, is one of peace and calm. The visitors' waiting area is a tiled roof overlooking a lawn, surrounded by bamboo trees and palms. Chopped tree trunks make way for garden chairs. Gardeners were at work giving the lawn an once-over and watering them simultaneously.

Surely, the thought that crossed the mind was whether this was the office of a corporate or the reception area of a beach resort? Up the spiral staircase and into a small but sparse room you are in "eyeball to eyeball" contact with a youngster, dressed in jeans and black T-shirt, as though he's just returned from college and is about to greet you as "Uncle".

That's T.S.Rajesh, CEO and Founder of Gray Cell, which took wing just 3 years ago in a small room with 2 computers. This "New Media Company" - as they prefer to be called - is on the verge of launching, what's known as UniMobile, the virtual mobile phone. This enables anyone to send an email message to any Spice mobile phone user anywhere. The idea developed and conceived by the Gray Cell team, who, according to Rajesh are "a bunch of great people" has brought in $1.7 million by way of Venture Capital funding. Earlier to that, Gray Cell had accomplished a similar concept of networking people through the use of pagers. "In 1996, when we started, we knew that mobile telephony was coming in a big way," says Rajesh. That's when e-Page was born. "We were still back-end service providers and were wanting to create a global impact product. We had knowledge of how telecom companies work. We knew how the Internet works. We found a great opportunity in the cell phone," adds Rajesh with a beaming smile. Unimobile will be formally launched on August 15th and the 37 member Gray Cell team will have reason to celebrate.

T.S.RajeshRajesh and Gray Cell have moved high up the ladder of success in a very short span of time. And would you believe this? 3 years ago, when they moved into this office, the landlady who owns the place had asked Rajesh whether he would be able to pay the rent? And now? Our guess is that she ought to be celebrating, too.

Rajesh added another 'w' to 'www' making it the World Wide Wireless Web. Because his concentration has been primarily on mobile devices such as the pager and the cell phone - both wireless. It's been a long and hard grind for the young Gray Cell team, where the average age is around 27.4 years, with Rajesh himself hovering around the 29-30 years mark. The atmosphere is "real cool" and not uptight. Yet, each one knows his or her responsibilities. The dress code may be casual but not when it comes to work or an idea, where everyone puts their heads together.

It's simple. No bees, no honey. No work, no money.

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