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  S.S.Goenka and Bharath Goenka, Tally Meeting Point (1999)  

S.S.Goenka and Bharath GoenkaThe Marwaris are a truly gifted lot. Shrewd and blessed with business acumen that is unmatched. They see far ahead. Beyond the horizon, so to speak. Their wizardry in accounting is legend. And when a Marwari father-son team develop the country's most popular accounting software, it's no surprise. "TALLY" - the most sought after software - is today synonymous with everything in business accounting.

30 years ago they moved out of Calcutta and set up their textile business in Bangalore. Like all Marwaris, S.S. Goenka was training his only son Bharath into the rudiments of business. However, Bharath - though not an IT person - had other plans. After completing his graduation in science with mathematics as his major subject, he got hooked onto software development.

Most successors to the Marwari family business wouldn't dream of what he did. Firstly, there was this idea in his mind to develop accounting software and hence, taking over an uninteresting textile business seemed a bit far-fetched. Secondly, he set about convincing his father that the conventional method of writing accounts could be possible through computers with a custom designed software. To the senior Goenka this was something out of the blue. For a Marwari, the conventional method of writing accounts was an art. Much practiced and perfected over generations. Inspite of the song and dance this suggestion created, Bharath persisted.

Foresight has been one of the key elements for many a Marwari businessman's success. Papa Goenka had always considered his only son "highly intelligent and a top mathematician" who had been getting scholarships after scholarships right from class 4. The seed was sown and as the idea germinated the father and son duo worked in tandem till 1998, when TALLY saw the light of day. The first codeless accounting software hit the country like a storm. And the rest, as they say, was history.

"TALLY is a blessed package," says Mr.S.S.Goenka. "Moral and spiritual support plays a part in any success," he adds indicating that the achievement had the blessings of God and his late parents who were the guiding lights. Bharath Goenka attributes the successes to his father who he feels "is the real hero. "

Today, TALLY is sailing smooth. Accepted by blue chip companies and all major business houses, it is has the distinction of being accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Internationally, TALLY is extensively used in UK, Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The software has many awards to its credit. Such as the PC-Quest Users' Choice award won five times in a row from 1994 to 1998 and the PC-World Techies award in 1997 and 1998.

Peutronics Private Limited is located in Koramangala's Raheja Arcade. Operating from their plush and elegantly designed offices, the father-son combine watch the success of their toil forge ahead. They live in Koramangala as well. As Bharath says," To move out of Koramangala is unthinkable. It's much quieter than other localities. It's grown on us."

TALLY - the best accounting software in the business. Koramangala - Bangalore's most happening place. All adds up to a fine partnership

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