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  Jawahar Bekay, Microland Meeting Point (1999)  

The conference room at Microland's corporate office in Koramangala is small and compact. The painting on the wall certainly attracts attention. It's very colourful. So do the many trophies that adorn the mantle piece. Most recent being the "Techies '97" award for the best networking company for the year. And the "Compaq award of excellence in the Indian ERP Market - Jan 99". Who are the people behind Microland's success? Well, to begin with, Pradeep Kar who was featured as our January IT Personality. Not far behind is Jawahar Bekay, Director & CEO - our IT Personality this Month.

Jawahar BekayJawahar's education was in Bombay where he graduated in Chemistry from St.Xavier's. With an MBA from S.P. Jain College of Management and Research, he embarked on his career with Nelco and in 1985, joined Computer Point in Sales and Marketing. Later he was Sales Head of the Western Region. In '87 he did a stint in the US with Sonata and a year and half later, returned to India.

Jawahar Bekay was one of the six from Computer Point, who set up Microland. Initially, he operated from Bombay managing the Western Region operations. In 1992 he moved into Bangalore. By which time they had grown and consolidated their market presence. He held positions in Sales and marketing and other functions in HR and Finance. It was under his leadership as head of the quality programme that Microland obtained ISO certification in 1996. Two years ago he became the CEO overseeing the entire company operations.

With Jawahar, it's a "fifty-fifty" situation. He works out of Koramangala but lives in Jayanagar. Does he have the necessary credentials to qualify as our IT personality? Of course, he does. He likes Koramangala although a shift from Jayanagar seems unlikely, "Having moved into Jayanagar when I came in from Bombay," he says. "Besides, Koramangala mosquitoes are one of a kind," he adds. Yes sir. You have a point there. On the other hand, he admits Koramangala retains that old charm within the various blocks. The greenery, the quiet and calm surroundings. Though the traffic on the main roads has increased substantially. At the same time he fears that since Koramangala has grown quite fast in the last few years, some of that charm could deteriorate. Unless something is done. Again sir, a point well made.

Jawahar BekayHe spoke to us at length on various issues that koramangala.com can contribute to the community and environment. His suggestions were many. But what really stood out was the fact that he showed concern for Koramangala. And for a person who is in the business of networking - products and services - the message came out loud and clear. "Not a blot on the landscape".

It was a hot day. Even by "Garden City" standards. But meeting Jawahar Bekay turned out to be rather relaxing. His pleasant smile, his handsome personality, his encouragement and appreciation of our efforts. All things considered, he made our day. It's early days, as of now. But one day, we hope he makes that supreme sacrifice of moving into Koramangala. To us Koramangalites, it'll be like "manna from heaven". As a person, he'd blend so well.

As for the mosquitoes? A knotty problem indeed!

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