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Save KoramangalaSaturday, around 4 in the evening, a group of about 100-odd Koramangala folk placards in hand, marched around the locality to create awareness amongst residents and to protest against the inaction by civic authorities to the burgeoning problems of Bangalore's most prominent suburb.

Passer-bys took a mere cursory glance at the procession, and perhaps wondered if the small numbers would make an impact. After all, the last few months has seen processions and protests across the city, and despite the numbers being much larger, the response from the authorities has been non-existent, or at best, minimal.

Save KoramangalaThis Koramangala group that paraded the streets had no intention of blocking traffic or squat on roads. The theme was 'Save Koramangala' and the only way this could be done was to get the authorities to wake up from their slumber and set things right. Past meetings by concerned citizens with the authorities have not had any impact. Instead, the attitude of the officials has been more warring than sympathetic.

Much ink and reams of paper has been consumed by all local newspapers in highlighting the deterioration of Bangalore city's infrastructure. The response and attitude from the corridors of power has been sloth-bearish. Most people ask - and quite rightly- "For what do we pay Corporation taxes?" and where does the money go? The answers are pretty apparent and we, the citizens have to keep coughing up.

Save KoramangalaIt's laudable that citizens such as the Koramangala group take up cudgels against the inefficiencies of officialdom. And it's time all realize that unless there is a mass uprising, the problems will continue and get worse.

Ironically, the procession started near the BMP Ward Office in Koramangala and ended there. The BMP department is the major culprit to all the city's woes and the BMP Commissioner is one amongst the many heads of our civic authorities who makes tall promises, but takes less action.

At the end of the march, one overheard a police inspector - who along with his team of constables was designated to keep a watch on the procession - inform the control room over the walkie-talkie that 'the procession had ended, all was peaceful and no untoward incident took place.' Over and Out.

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