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Syntax Soft-TechDecember of 2003 saw a flurry of activity in 3rd block, Koramangala, the nerve-centre of India's Silicon Valley in Bangalore. As moving vans went hither-thither, the neighborhood watched in amazement the goings-on, wondering if this would be yet another blot on the landscape of this heavily traffic-chocked residential locality.

Syntax Soft-Tech was the reason for all that activity; an organization that's made rapid strides in a short span of time. The summit of their ambition is to be one of the top IT Consulting Companies in India and abroad. It was but natural that they look for more elbow room. So here's an organization comprising of a team of dedicated professionals blazing the trail, where each person is perceived as an invaluable asset and not a mere source; where learning and growing is part of the process; where working is fun and the underlined phrase is 'Freedom with Responsibility.'

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