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For several years Head Start operated from rented premises. Each time the rent lease expiry time neared, the worries began. 'Will the landlord? Or will he not' ask them to vacate? Change of address did happen on two occasions, but then, this couldn't go on for long. They needed a place of their own. To buy land in Bangalore was unthinkable; not at crazy land prices. It also meant dealing with the notorious land sharks of Bangalore, which wasn't a comforting thought. The White Shark in 'Jaws' as a domestic pet would be more soothing. There had to be some other solution.

Head Start MontessoriOne day, a BDA notification appeared in the local newspapers. The authority was looking to lease out land in Koramangala for a school. That seemed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. They dashed off an application and soon enough, by virtue of the fact that Head Start was a reputed Montessori operating in Koramangala, they got the nod in the year 2001. Happy as they were, the question now arose, 'Where will the money come from and who'll bell the cat? Who'll get the project off the ground?'

Contact Us:
Head Start Montessori School
CA Site No.32 (P), 16th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 034.
Phone: 25537025, 25533540
Email: headstart@vsnl.com
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