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We are four years old...

On December 28th, 2002, the ever-popular and everyone's favourite portal, Koramangala.com celebrated it's fourth anniversary at the same venue, where it all began - The Koramangala Club. Mr. Jayakar JeromeThis time around, we went a step further we launched a unique Map and Guide of Koramangala, called "GO! KORA". The hall was packed, with something like 150-odd people present when Mr. Jayakar Jerome, BDA Commissioner, Government of Karnataka, 'clicked' open GO! KORA, that evening.

And then Balbir Singh, the founder of Koramangala.com made a brief presentation, by demonstrating GO! KORA. The audience, which included some top names from the IT industry, watched the big screen as GO! KORA unfolded. Everyone who came that day thought this would be just another map. Which it wasn't. Because what it was, was amazing and everyone present that evening agreed. GO! KORA was simply superb. (Click here and check it out).

Balbir Singh and Amrit Sethi"We've been toying around with this idea of a map for quite sometime now, but what we didn't want to do was end up with just another street map," said Balbir Singh and Amrit Sethi, the husband-wife duo (call them Pop and Mom, if you like), the founders of Koramangala.com. "What makes GO! KORA different is because it's not a cluttered street map, but a landmark-based map and guide and hence, easy for anyone, anywhere to locate almost anything in Bangalore's most happening place Koramangala.

The proprietary technology of DynaMap, which is what GO! KORA employs was developed and is owned by Chennai-based Rage Communications, web enablers and partners of Koramangala.com.

All mapping functions are carried out using Vector Graphics, database manipulation using a combination of ASP and SQL server, and front-end presentation using Flash technology. The DynaMap implementation for Koramangala.com provides mapping at 2 levels. The user can pan limitlessly within the zoomed map. All points in the database are linked to map coordinates, and animated to facilitate easy location.

GO! KORA is a user-friendly experience and offers some unique features. For instance, one can Save a Map View for further reference, Print or Send the Map View by email to another person. Another interesting feature is that by providing a simple HTML code a third party can embed a dynamic Map View on their website and this embedded Map View gets automatically updated in real time whenever the source map is updated.

Amrit Sethi, who handled this project said, "Our theme for GO! KORA is 'Getting Around Koramangala was Never This Easy' and which is what GO! KORA is all about. By using GO! KORA one can locate an office, home, showroom, restaurant, ATM, medical store, hospital, etc."

"We never used an existing map as our reference point and instead developed the entire map and guide entirely on our own," said Balbir Singh. "Having plotted close to 300 landmarks, Amrit carried the huge tracing paper drawing to Chennai, met the Rage guys and said, 'Here it is; now develop the technology.'" And Boy! Did they come up with something real big?

And proof of this was pretty much evident after the demonstration of GO! KORA, that memorable evening. Everyone was Ga! Ga! And interestingly, each one admitted that this would be invaluable for anyone to find his or her way around Koramangala.

Mr. Jayakar Jerome summed it up the best, in his speech, "Thank you (pointing to Balbir and Amrit)! You have done a great service to the community."

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