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Trivandrum, Technology and Technopark

The name "Kerala" conjures up images of lush green tea and rubber plantations, coconut palms, exotic spices, misty mountains, scenic backwaters and houseboats, divine beaches, delicious seafood and ayurvedic massages. They call it" God's Own Country", and according to the National Geographic Traveler, its 'one of the ten paradises of the world'. Thanks to Nature's bounty bestowed upon Kerala, tourism is flourishing and helping an otherwise stifled economy.

The climate in India's only 100% literate state and once labeled "investor-hostile" is changing. There is a new resolve and time to unshackle the past. With the waves of globalization having touched its vast palm-fringed shores, Kerala is getting itself 'wired'. 98% of the state already is. The State Government recognizes the need for drastic change and infusion of new ideas in it's working.

An important thrust area is Information Technology. And if the vision is to make Kerala a dream IT destination in the next 5 years, then Technopark, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, is perhaps the stepping stone in that direction.

Trivandrum, Technology and Technopark
The New Star on the Horizon
The Blue Print and The Visionary
Equivalent of a Park in a Forest
Down By The Riverside
There's More to 'IT' Than Just Rivers
Park Centre The 'Engine Room'
Partners in Progress
Wiesbaden to Trivandrum
Tune into TOONZ The Fun Begins Here
Which Way Kerala

"Technopark is an Agent of Change"
Meet Rajiv Vasudevan
CEO Technopark

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