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If you ever get to meet her, you will find her to be a person possessing some sort of niceness and extraordinary charm. "Elegance" would be the appropriate word. Besides being an excellent host, she's a super cook too. Hailing from a close-knit Agarwal family from Delhi, one would expect Vidhu's expertise to be in Indian cooking. In fact, her culinary skills extend to all types of cooking - Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Continental and what have you. Since the last 8 years, Vidhu's Cookery classes conducted out of her chic home have become the talk of the town. Having trained over 5000 students, Vidhu's recipes are much talked about in whatever kitchen they are prepared.

A class at Vidhu's
It's a quiet little street in Indiranagar. So quiet that at times you could hear the sound of the proverbial pin drop. Most women in the neighborhood are in the midst of their routine daily chores, with the children away at school and the husbands at work. However, in one house the schedule is rather different. The chores are done with and its preparation time for the cookery class which would commence soon. And as the students trickle in (girls and young housewives, mainly), the excitement is about to begin. The gong strikes. Round One of Vidhu Mittal's Cookery Class is now in session.

A class in progressFirst, Vidhu reads out the recipes and each student is expected to note the precise details. Note. The emphasis is on "precise details". Next, like the perfectionist that she is, the preparation method is explained for each dish and on any given day, the group could witness as many as 5 dishes being prepared. Finally the students are led to the kitchen and unlike wand-waving magicians who pull out rabbits from hats; Vidhu meticulously demonstrates each step of the preparation watched by the group in rapt attention. Interspersed with important tips and dos and don'ts.

After class!It's time for the icing on the cake. Once done, the dishes are placed on the adjoining dining table and each student gets to share the bounty. The taste buds need to know what exactly makes palates tickle.

Vidhu's line-up consists of 32 courses, each specially designed and many recipes innovated by her, having thought them out. Preparation methods are simplified and uncomplicated. So long as the ingredients and procedures are followed to the last pinch, one cannot end up making a hash of things. Wouldn't go down well with the mother-in-law, would it?

We value the support that Vidhu has given us over the last 4 years.
All the recipes from Vidhu Mittal are available here.

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