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Bangalore city - Boom or Bust?

Welcome to Bangalore - every Indian citizen's 'dream city'. The "Garden City", "IT Capital", "Pensioner's Paradise", "Cool City" - call it what you will, and come summer, most would head for Bangalore. It was some sort of tradition that when mercury levels reached its peak in the plains of North India, Bangalore was the preferred place to "cool it".

Over 15 years back, when Texas Instruments set up their software development center in Bangalore, the Information Technology revolution in India had commenced. All and sundry made a beeline for Bangalore. After two decades, the chinks in its Armour began to show. A city that was meant for holidays, honeymoons and hibernation had started to rip apart at the seams. This city's blueprints were drawn many, many years ago and none thought that an occasion would arise to erase and redraw.

When the time did come, alas, it was too late. The city planners were a confused lot (nothing new about that). Since the plans couldn't be rewritten, they over-wrote them. And in doing so, the entire city became one big mess. The system collapsed (not that there was one in the first place) and Bangalore is no longer the Bangalore you or I thought it would be.

Six days of continuous rains caused mayhem. Citizens suffered because the authorities had bungled for years. The system was never set right. There was only pretense to do so. Make the public gullible enough to have faith on the various task forces set up to make Bangalore a "Singapore-like-city". Hundreds of thousands of rupees were spent on "plugging leaks" but that couldn't be done. Where was one to begin? The whole city was like a sieve, anyway?

Clogged drains, knee-deep water inside homes, dead telephones, power outage, uprooted trees, waterlogged streets, miserable condition of roads, garbage spilling onto the streets creating unhygienic conditions, traffic jams, high rate of traffic indiscipline - you name it, Bangalore had it all. All that the wise men who run this city do is make press announcements making it sound that everything is hunky-dory. Spring-cleaning and patchwork is done whenever VIPs visit the city. But we, the citizens know what is what.

At the end of it all, a voice can now be heard - "enough is enough". They've seen it all - corruption, apathy, indecision, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, tall talk and a whole lot of bull. The shit is all over.

Bangalore neither booms nor blooms; it's simply going bust.

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