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Back to school

This is the story of a village school in Somanahalli, a hamlet in Dharmapuri District of Tamilnadu, 110 kms from Bangalore. It's the story of aspirations, dreams, hopes of the village folk in this valley of humility. For generations they have walked the one-way street of poverty. Besieged by uncertainty at every step. Deprived of even basic education.

They wish to change all that. For now, they have a dream. A vision. But can they blow away those cobwebs that have entangled their lives all along...

Back to School
Country Road, Take Me Home...
The Panchayat Middle School
So near and yet, so very far
No Money, Honey
As dreams fade away...
Wannabe Doctor
The "Teacher's Colony"
Give us this day our daily bread...
The "Tuck Shop"
Murugan "The Messiah"
A Stitch in Time
Band of Brothers
MGR Nutritious Meal Scheme
Help us if you can
The Magic called "Moses"
Imagine All those People
The "School Needs" List
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