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Welcome to my world
 Welcome to my world
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 What's on your Mind, MindTree Mind?

"Welcome to my world, won't you come on in!
A miracle's about to happen, won't you come on in?"

So sang "Gentleman Jim" - Jim Reeves - heartthrob of yesteryears. This song resounds in our ears; in so little it says so much.

Three days of love, peace and MindTree is how we would describe our 'tour-de-revelation' because that's what it turned out to be for us. A revelation. At a time when the economy slowdown is causing people to slip and fall into piles of pink slips, the visit to MindTree was indeed a revelation. Oh, no doubt there is that nagging fear that the shadow of not-so-good-times may fall on MindTree. On the other hand, as much as they wish to share good times they are like a family joining together to 'keep the powder dry'.

Notwithstanding the scenario, at MindTree we met up with a cross section of people - co-founders, project heads, Admin and People Function teams. We threw up a variety of questions, ranging from how they liked being in MindTree, how different it was from their previous company, the thoughts they had on the organization's core values and DNA, what the future holds, etc, etc.

We got some pretty interesting responses...

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