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Shruthi inaugurates the functionOn December 26th 1999 - the last Sunday of the just-passed millennium all roads led to the Housie Hall of the Koramangala Club, located in the basement of the dome-shaped Restaurant block. Invitees who were present witnessed an exciting event on that day, which happened to be the first birthday of the very popular website www.koramangala.com.

Amrit welcomes Samina MahmoodThe guests started to arrive from 7.15 p.m. onwards, some suited and booted, some in casuals and the ladies decked up, with quite a few youngsters - all waiting for the "show" to begin. And it started with a real big surprise for Shruthi Jaysurya, who least expected it. She is the youngest contributor to the website having written a 2-part story on her holiday in the Himalayas. The Hosts - Balbir, Amrit and Roshan (Deepak the older son works in Sharjah wasn't present), the family that owns the website - called upon Shruthi to inaugurate the function by cutting a cake resembling the block-wise map of this wonderful suburb Koramangala.

IT Personalities addressing the Guests

Sanjay Nayak, CEO Synopsys

Sudhir Sarma, MD Network Solutions

Chandra Kumar and Rajan Narayan, Directors Linc Software

Sampath Kumar, Director Zenith Software

Balbir Singh - prime mover of koramangala.comFrom then on, Balbir held the entire audience spell-bound with an hour long presentation, listing out the achievements (and there have been many) of Koramangala.com during the year. Pictures of all personalities and the people featured on the website were show, adding colour to the entire presentation. During the presentation, the audience heard with rapt attention the entire telephonic interview with Kirk Wilson of TECH RANCH, a US-based program in which Koramangala.com was webcast "live" in March 1999. The only website from Bangalore to be honoured with this distinction.

The impact was felt by the people present who, perhaps for the first time, realized that Koramangala.com wasn't just an ordinary website. It had global reach and was not region-specific. Balbir made some specific points on the future plans of Koramangala.com. He said, " To become a Personality Portal will be our niche. We will now extend our reach beyond Koramangala and bring in personalities from other parts of the country as well. But the focus will remain of the Software and IT sector" For starters, the list of Software companies now features those located in Bangalore and other parts of the country.

At the celebrationA few IT personalities present came forward and made brief speeches in which they applauded the work the family has done in developing this website. Mr. Sanjay Nayak, CEO of Synopsys, Mr. Sudhir Sarma, MD of Network Solutions, Mr. Sampath Kumar, Director of Zenith Software and the founder-directors of Linc Software, Mr. Chandra Kumar and Mr. Rajan Narayanan were those who offered their support and good wishes to Koramangala.com.

Roshan looking after guestsOther eminent personalities and families present at the function were Ms. Priscilla Corner and her family, Dr. Samuel and his wife Lily Paul, Mr. N.P.Nayak, the Patel family, Mrs & Mr. Nandakumar, Helen & Saboo Jacob, the Jaysurya family, Anita Saran John, S.P.Singh and Swati Sucharita from the Times of India, Padmini Seetharaman from the Hindu, Anil Philip and his crew from CNBC Asia.

Curtains came down to this very exciting event, but not before a few rounds of fine Signature whisky was consumed and the delicious food was eaten.

Drinks were part-sponsored by McDowells Signature and the entire event had the support of Linc Software.

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