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Sudha Anand It's A Beautiful World Out There..

We take you on a trip to some beautiful countries and cities around the world with SUDHA ANAND. Wife of a software professional in a leading IT company, Sudha shares with us her personal experiences during her travels.

The urge to capture life and beauty of these places stems from her desire to write travelogues. An English buff, even as a child Sudha loved to write poems, features, stories and articles of general interest. Eventually, she did her diploma in journalism from Bhavan's and is currently studying to complete her MA in mass communication and journalism. By profession, Sudha is a teacher and she did a short stint at Career Plan - an institute that prepares youngsters for Business school examinations - teaching English and logical reasoning.

We at Koramangala.com are privileged to have Sudha contribute these articles on her travels across the globe. We are sure our visitors will not only enjoy reading them, but also, benefit from them if and whenever they get an opportunity to visit these places.

This months Article - An unusual trip

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