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Take-off from Bangalore
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Sri Lankan Airlines is not exactly the best of airlines to fly with. However, the low fare option (Rs. 16,000 plus per person for a round trip) coupled with convenient departures and arrivals made it the best available. I could have flown Jet Airways from Chennai using my mileage points, but that would mean shelling out another 14K to and fro from Bangalore, which I thought didn't make sense.

An early check-in gave us the time to wander around and explore the Bangalore International Airport, which I was using for the first time. Nothing great, if you ask me. I've seen bigger, better airports such as London's Heathrow, Amsterdam's Schipol airport and Singapore's Changi airport. Even Colombo's Bandaranayake airport seemed bigger and better, as I was soon to find out.

Take-off was 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled 9.15 pm departure and once airborne, I settled down to browsing through 'Serendip', the in-flight magazine that lists out stuff you can buy on the plane. Too early to start shopping anyway, hence, I preferred not to. Constant turbulence en route delayed the in-flight service a bit and rather than peer into the darkness at 35,000 feet up in the air, I decided to take a nap and wait for the food to arrive.

Food was totally vegetarian and pretty average at that and with no liquor too, the 'trimming' due to high fuel costs was pretty evident. Luckily it was just an hour's flight. I vowed to pick up some Scotch at the duty-free in Colombo and down a few pegs after landing at the hotel.

An hour later we touched down in Colombo.

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