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Day One is a Lovely Morning
7th Floor
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I was up at 7 in the morning feeling absolutely fresh. I drew open the curtains and took in the lovely sight of a clear blue sky, a bright sun gradually warming up for the day. The sea was in varied shades of blue, its frothy white waves gently lapping the sandy shore. I suppose this is what people mean when they say, "Have a Nice Day." It was, indeed!

Our 7th floor room offered a pretty good view. Yet, it all looked so familiar. Tiled houses, tiny houses, high-rises, narrow lanes, lane within lanes, wide roads, and lots of construction activity. The one exception was a train track alongside the seashore; something I'd never seen before and diagonally across was the local railway station, Wellawatte.

Saturday meant that most offices would be closed for the weekend. A few people were out jogging briskly, some swam for exercise and a few others just lazed under a cluster of palms. I saw a not-so-crowded train pass by and wondered if it'd be good idea to use this mode of transport to the Fort area. I'd decide that later; right now we needed to unpack.

Sea View
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Coffee from room service came in a jiffy; less than 10 minutes of placing the order. I was impressed. We got ready and stepped out of the room, remembering to hang the 'Please Clean the Room' sign on the door on our way out. I hate walking into a room thatís all messed up. Call it 'Attitude' if you like.

We had nothing specific planned. A hearty breakfast (included in the room tariff) would rejuvenate the spirit to get out and explore. Time was precious and I wasnít going to waste any.

My attention was drawn to this charming young lady at the customer service desk. We exchanged 'good mornings' and I mentioned that we hadn't a table and chair in our room. She was extremely cordial and said she'd see this was done right away. "Anything else" she asked? "For the moment, none," I said. She smiled. You were right John Keats, when you wrote, "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever".

A gentle tap on my shoulder from the wife meant 'enough of flirting, let's have breakfast'.

Breakfast in the beach-facing restaurant was an elaborate spread, meticulously arranged. Pick of fresh watermelon or fresh orange juice, chicken sausages, French bread, eggs of your choice - scrambled or poached, croissants, mashed potatoes, and vegetable stew, "Thosai" with chicken curry, fresh fruits and steaming coffee. We ate well - not too much, not too little - and stepped out of the hotel. That's when the heat hit us.

Gosh! It's going to be one helluva hot and sweltering day.

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