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N. Viswanathan (January '99)

There is something about this man, that inspires all Koramangalites. He seems to have this uncanny knack of doing things that makes Koramangala proud. Meet Mr.N. Viswanathan, I.A.S., Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industries, Government of Karnataka.

Mr.N. ViswanathanTwo years ago, the National Games were held in Bangalore and Koramangala had the honour of hosting the athletes and officials at the National Games Village, which was constructed in Koramangala. And by its side is the massive, modern and compact indoor stadium. Mr.Vishwanathan was the man behind the success of this event. The Koramangala Club, of which he was the President for 3 years, is today one of the finest clubs in Bangalore. And very recently, in putting Bangalore on the global map, with the IT.com mega event, Koramangala has received its share of recognition as the home of many a software and IT company. His leadership and organising capabilities are apparent and have been tested on many an occasion. And on each occasion he has come out trumps.

And yet, he's a simple unassuming person. Who enjoys spending the evening in his comfortable and tastefully decorated home with his vast collection of Ganesha idols.

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