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National Military Memorial Park

The National Military Memorial Park (NMM Park) is sacred symbol of thanks giving by the people of our city to the men of Karnataka who have died in the service of the nation. Out city will be the first in India to have such a memorial dedicated to brave men and their families.

This sacred cause has been marred by debate and issues mainly raised by the residents of the areas adjoining the Park. Unfortunately, not all views were based on facts and truths as a result lot of charges were made about the Park and Members of the Committee.

We have prepared a note that lists the charges made against the NMM Park and what the truth is. Our intentions is to let people and media form their opinion based on the correct facts and not pay heed to hearsay and falsehoods being selectively spread by people whose motivations are hard to understand.

Issues raised about the National Military Memorial Park (NMM Park)

Over 25 - 30 trees will be cut to make way for the Memorial Park This is totally incorrect. The design for this sacred Memorial Park has gone through several rounds of scrutiny by well meaning citizens, government and ABIDe Heritage Group and the final design touches only 4 trees - 3 Eucalyptus and one Ashoka trees. These are not heritage trees. All heritage trees in the park will be untouched by the design. Besides an additional 25 trees are being planted in the park.
Lot of construction will happen and many structures will come up in the mark. The Park is designed in way that thick foliage remains intact and the greenery of will increase with planting of more than 40 trees in the Park. The park will have an inspiration hall of and a 100 feet monolith Veeragallu. There will no other construction in the Park and this certainly is not another mall or a shopping complex.
Why not shift the Memorial to another location or in the Defence lands?

Why not locate the Memorial away from centre of the city where the land is available?

Why have you chosen the Indira Gandhi Fountain Park as the location for Memorial Park ?
World over, Military Memorials built to honour the brave Soldiers are never constructed on Defence land; for, the very word Defence land connotes restricted entry. It must be remembered that Military Memorials are always constructed by the citizens to honour and pay homage to their brave Soldiers who have laid down their lives, fighting for the Country. Therefore, to suggest the memorial be located on defence lands in like telling the defence personnel to honour themselves!

And, these Military Memorials are so located that there is easy access to the civilian populace; and serves as source of inspiration for younger generation, instill a sense of patriotism and familiarize them with the real heroes of India and The Memorial Park in its present location would be an added attraction to one & all, the young & the old, who visit the Nehru Planetarium, especially the school children; as the Memorial is located opp. the Planetarium, just across the road.

Moreover, the decision to locate the Memorial Park at the Indira Gandhi Fountain Park was taken by the State Government after much deliberations and considerations
The Park status will be lost and the people cannot use the premises for walking and children will not have a place to play. On the contrary, post the Memorial Park the greenery of the Park will increase - with 40 trees being planted and Park will lush and green. The morning walkers of the neighbourhood and children can continue to use the Park in the manner they are doing now
The Park will be managed by a private trust The Military Memorial Park Trust will be managed by a Committee headed by the Chief Minister and consists of eminent citizens of the city, ex- servicemen and officers from BDA, BBMP and other government departments. The Committee will be responsible for the upkeep of the memorial so that it doesn't fall into decay and disrepair. Therefore, the question of private trust does not arise at all.
The park will have a huge hall of 10,000 sq feet which will disturb the tranquility if the Park and leading to loss of greener There is no structure coming up above ground except for the Veeragallu and the Flag pole. There is an underground hall that is a gallery that will have the pictures, memorabilia, artifacts and life bios of all the Martyrs of Karnataka - all 1900 soldiers from our state who have died in various battles/ Operations since Independence and meant to inspire and motivate the younger generation. The surface land will remain untouched and developed to make the park more green and lush.
If only few trees are being cut and no construction happening on the ground why was this not information and designs not made public earlier It was the intention of the NMM to present the design and share details where the controversy first started. But the Committee was unable to do so as they were prevented by the Election Commission officials citing code of conduct prevailing due to BBMP Elections. Since BDA, a government body is executing the project; any information sharing would have breached the code of conduct. Soon after the polls, Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar wrote letters to each and every resident of the neighbourhood explaining the project and addressing their concerns. Click here to read the letter.
Why are you insisting on the Memorial to come up at the Indira Gandhi Fountain Park? The choice of location was a decision taken by the state government after considerable thought and deliberations. The location is ideal as it is the centre of the city, accessible to public, in the vicinity of planetarium which attracts school children.
Who has designed the Memorial Park and who has chosen them? The design for the Memorial Park is done by Ms Mathew & Ghosh Architects, an award winning architect firm. Their design for Freedom Park was chosen as the best from the hundreds that were submitted by the government. BDA evaluated the design submitted for Memorial Park by the architects firm and selected them to build the project.
This Memorial inside the park is against Karnataka Park Act. All applicable laws and rules of construction - that is permissible in Park under the laws - will be followed in letter and spirit. They have already been factored that in our design.
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