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Koramangala's Traffic Woes

I have been living in Koramangala for more than 5 years. In 1999 the trafiic in Koramangala was very less. But now it's horrible and most times the very thought of riding on these roads sends shivers up my spine.

None else but the Government and the administering authorities are wholly responsible for the all this chaos because of poor traffic management of our roads.

Take for instance the bus stops. There are so many of them and almost all are located at a road junction which causes traffic hold-ups. If the authorities shift some of these bus stops it will help reduce accidents too.

Starting from the St. John's hospital traffic signal till the junction of Sony World there are as many as four bus stops in that small stretch of road. Near the BDA complex junction, the bus stop is located just at the turning resulting in traffic blocks.

It's time somebody did something about this and relocate these bus stops to points where traffic doesn't get affected. It'll be a great boon to road users who have to suffer because of this. And, it'll also help in reducing accidents.

I have some views on this:

  • Reduce the number of bus stops on 100 feet road; remove the bus stop in front of Canara Bank and shift this to another location so that traffic will not be blocked by the BMTC buses coming in from the Kalyana Mantapa road which promptly stop after take a right turn in front of Canara Bank because of the bus stop out there. This results in traffic coming behind the bus getting blocked till the bus moves.
  • If this is done, then the bus stop opposite the B.D.A complex can be removed too.
  • Donít allow the long and lengthy buses in these narrow roads.
  • Deploy good traffic police man at these junctions to ensure smooth. flow of traffic. In my opinion, the best Traffic policeman I have seen in Koramangala is the man who controls junction at the St. Johns/water tank traffc signal. I donít know his name but he is extremely efficient. Hats of to him. If we have more traffic policemen like him, then much of our traffic problems would ease considerably.
Name: Sonachalam Nathan
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