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Stupid Building Laws...

Dear Friends,

Recently I heard there are too much dharna's going on in Koramangala. It comes to a situation that people in Koramangala cannot stay peacefully. Everybody is facing a lot of problem regarding the constructed house as well as the new construction for the new house. Few months back some retired idiots (previous high end officers) complained regarding the structure of the constructed houses long time ago. May be somebody has extended a card shed, or a sit out or a servant room. What is wrong in these guys? As long as your neighbor doesn't construct into your property or disturb your property; why can't you mind your business? After these complaints the BDA has come up with some serious laws and rules. And now the fun part is even the complained one's are in trouble. Grow up man! Now the situation has come very unsolvable. And nobody knows what to do now.

Recently I went there to plan a little house for me in 12 cent plot. And came back empty headed after finding I may be able to build a bathroom after leaving spaces on all the sides of the plot by the new rule implied upon us. I never heard such stupid laws and rules which is basically affecting everybody right now. It is wonderful to learn such a beautiful city with high end business place gets judges who have nothing in the head and make decisions for others. Where should one go to get justice for these? Guys like me, our parents who has spending their retired life peacefully are suffering. No body and nowhere to get help.

The complainers (retired high posted idiots) can be hardly seen outside. Are they a happy now?

Who ever out there, please do something about these; your near and dear one's are in trouble. What action can be taken about this? What action from your site can be done for this?

Your site being an informative institution, I am expecting something serious assistance in this matter ASAP. Please help.

Name: Matt
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