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Last night I was Robbed...

Last night I was robbed, in probably the safest living place in Bangalore, Koramangala. My friend and I were returning home after watching 'RAINCOAT' (what I thought was a very tiring movie) at the PVR Cinema complex at the Forum. It was just past midnight. We were walking home when a white-coloured Maruti 800 with 5 occupants stopped to ask directions to 3rd Block 2nd Stage.

Instantly I knew something was wrong simply because there's no 2nd Stage in Koramangala. They had switched off the headlights and that added to my suspicion. The next thing we knew was they were brandishing long knives (longest knives I've ever seen in my life) and threatening us. In no time, we were robbed of our cash, mobiles and wrist watches.

They didn't get much in terms of cash since I had only 20 rupees in my wallet and my friend had 120 rupees. They took away my cell phone but my friend's phone they missed out on. Within half hour, we made phone calls and got the credit cards blocked, and so too the SIM of my cell phone.

After the initial shock of being accosted by complete strangers in the middle of the night, I guess we were both a bit relieved that apart from the minor losses, we were unharmed. Others haven't been so lucky, I'm told many. However, this is an incident I wish to share with all of out there.

Naturally, the next thing we did was to go over to the police station and lodge a complaint, hoping that the long arm of the law would give us some comfort and hopefully, nab the culprits someday. But the experience at the police station was shocking. I'm quite convinced that the Bangalore police are hopeless. Forget the fact that they can't even write an FIR, there's a total lack of initiative on their part. I mean, they are the law after all. Meaningless paperwork and always on the lookout for an opportunity to make a fast buck out of someone else's misery is what these policemen are capable of doing. Like in this instance, they wanted Rs. 2000/- from us, God knows for what. Here we are, the public, whom these chaps are supposed to protect, and they show no concern. Instead, they started to query us with questions like, what we were doing out so late at night. Despite my telling him we were returning after watching a movie, they kept asking the same thing again and again as though that was more crucial than the act of robbery committed by someone else. Then, I had to describe the car to them at least 10 times and the number of people in it. They wanted to know why I didn't make a note of the car number. I told them it was a dark and that the robbers had switched off the headlights.

I knew this wasn't getting anywhere and nothing would eventually come of it so we filed the complaint and left. Quite shocked on one hand, and rather disappointed at the approach of the local police.

My sincere advice to all who happen to be out late at night is to never carry cash and credit cards at the same time. If you have cash, then you don't really need the credit card, and vice versa. We were lucky to get away without much loss of money and property.

And if you think the local police will help you out, forget it. Take my advice, don't waste your time. They haven't a clue to what's going on. Until and unless there is a police force that is sincere and committed to be of service to the public, this menace of robberies and muggings will continue.

So be cautious when you are out; there's someone watching you.

Name: Shailesh Jha
Enterprise Solutions, Bangalore
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