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Koramangala - Shake, Rattle and Roll

WOW! We grew to an extent that we burst?

Hey folks! I reside at Koramangala 5th Block and boy has it changed in the last 15 years. from a residential area its now become a cosmopolitan deal! Not that I haven't enjoyed the developments thus far but the pity is that Koramangala had to pay a price much bigger than I expected.

I see that the roads in my neighbourhood have more pot-holes than those on Planet Mars. Parking, crossing the street was never a concern, but today I have to deploy 'tackle mode' to just get across the street; it's like playing the all-famous video game "Chicken Run" except that in this case, you are the chicken!

It's time the authorities woke up from their prolonged hibernation. I see children panic as they have no place to play. I see the older folks shaking in fright with a sense of insecurity as they try crossing the road. "What has fate in store for us? Who will run over us?" they wonder.

With the coming of "THE MALL" culture, places like THE FORUM have attracted more traffic and even more chaos.

Hey, haven't these government guys heard of a Walk Over Bridge???

Man! I have a lot to write but I think I'll save the rest for a novel I hope to write soon.

Name: Mujtaba M Merchant
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