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No Eyesense

This is in response to the post of Mr. Karanjit singh in kora kaagaz.

Mr. Singh did come back with a request to change the frame, which we refused because he himself had selected the frame while ordering the spects. He never mentioned about the strain to his eyes. As far as the lenses are concerned, we can have them certified by a ophthalmologist of his choice for his satisfaction.

Name: Muthu
Eyesense opticians

I just want to report a very bad shopping experience I had with EyeSense Opticals based in Raheja Arcade. I ordered a very expensive specs from them. Apparently, something is wrong with the lenses and it strains my eye to the max. I repeatedly requested them to redress it but they dont seem to heed to my request. I just want people to be aware of how customer unfriendly they are, so that in future nobody else is cheated like me.

Name: Karanjit Singh
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