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Service with Heaps of Insults

Fiorano An intriguing façade. Once you walk inside the ultra modern interiors does make you feel happy about the change in lifestyle and design taste in our small city. But soon the lighting and ambience grates on your nerves with its pretentious and over done quality and with its obvious disdain to detail. The lighting shrieks at you and as so many darshini's in the area they just do not care about the acoustics involved in dining. As the crowd increases so does the decibel levels and very soon you end all conversation, as it is impossible to think and make sane conversation while shouting.

The food could definitely get a face-lift. I was served chicken breast with a red sauce in white wine thrown over it. Maybe this is forgivable if the food tasted good but I was disappointed yet again. The food had none of the subtle tastes associated with fine dining (Sunny's maybe). The coffee was simply best described as terrible. And to end the evening, on asking to speak with the chef who is also the manager of the restaurant I was 'asked to get out of his restaurant'.

Maybe in the pseudo intellectual Bangalore culture this is an excepted hospitality norm but for me, the pride and passion that a chef has for his space and his food cannot be converted to such blatant insults.

Name: Naina Gupta
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