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Hospitals Care Two Hoots for Patients

Hi All, I would like to share one of my worst experience at st. johns hospital bangalore, and I am been regretting for being there.

I had a corn like thing on my forearm which I wanted to get rid off, I consulted general surgeon, he looked very aged and seemed to have good experience, but it was of no use as he was just sitting idle and some junior was checking, he checked the corn and asked me to undergo some minor operation, for which they made me to wait like anything. Finally the doc came to operate, he was some else(felt like he was some student), he operated and asked me to come after 5 days to get the stitches removed.

When I went there again, he asked some other lady to remove the stitches, I was shocked looking at the lady who was unable to hold the instruments required to remove the stitches, and she was getting help from the nurse over there, any way I ignored as it was not that big job to be done, I asked the doc who operated me, whether the mark will be left on hand?, and was shocked to here this sentence "you would have told me earlier while putting the stitches, I would have done it in diff way".. this was really illogical, as if people ask for the marks, and doctors give the options for the same.

OK fine the stitches were removed, they did dressing and asked me to remove the dressing after 2 days, when I removed the dressing after 2 days I saw that the wound was open and was still wet which was supposed to healed, then I consulted the nearby doctor I got to know that the stitches were removed very early, the wound was wide open then and was not closed completely. Putting stitches was completely waste.

Till now I have wound which is recovering slowly, also I got a big mark over there which would not have been if the stitches where done properly and removed at right time.

I regret for going there.

Name: Avinash
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