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Avoid this Hospital in Koramangala - warns a site visitor

I just had a very bad experience in Aqura Hospital at Koramangala and thought of WARNING about the same to you all.

I had a severe Asthma attack and my Colleagues rushed me to AQURA HOSPITAL at Koramangala. The senior MD. Mr. Dr. T.M.Mateen started my treatment with IV etc and they put Oxygen mask but my condition became bad to worst. Knowing the fact that AQURA HOSPITAL has NO proper facilities to fight the situation Dr. Mohan continued pumping IV to me, and when my Colleagues s insisted on taking me to St. Johns Hospital Dr. T.M.Mateen Pulled the oxygen Max and pushed the wheel chair to them and challenged them that iíll not survive.

Mr. T.M.Mateen, Being in a noble profession had a BRUTAL behavior. Through some reliable sources I came to know that similar case happened 2 days back where the patient died on the way to another hospital from AQURA.

Friends, I just thought that its my (and now your) Social Responsibility to cascade this information to all our family and friends who are staying in and around Koramangala and might need a service from the nearest Hospital. But please donít rush to AQURA as they are not equipped to handle emergencies and please be careful if Dr. T.M.Mateen is around. Heíll pull the life out of you.

Please pass on this ALERTING mail to all your friends.

well wisher
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