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Eighty feet or 80 potholes?

Yeah, I am talking of one of the hallowed roads of Koramangala that has only holes and potholes...80 feet road...just take a ride right from the Wipro Park to Koramangala Bus Stop and you know what I mean. It's an experience of your life time.

For the past one year there has been digging, digging and digging all over the place and things have gone from bad to worse. You can spot these gigantic potholes that range from 1 feet to 100 feet on this single stretch. I being the resident of the nearby area have been going through this hell on earth for almost a year now. God knows where the authorities are? Hibernating, one presumes.

Through this article,I want to expose the hollowness of the infrastructure in what is known as Bangalore's Most happening Place.I would like everybody to collectively raise some agitation in order to reach those deaf ears...

Name: Vaibhav Goyal
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