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Bangalore - The Dream City I used to know

Being from south, I used to be proud coming to B'lore. My permanent visit started in the year 1991 being married to somebody from B'lore city. And it continued some times every year or once in two years.

Recently after a long time; I visited the B'lore city for one week for some personal things to take care including to pay the tax.

  • It is horrible to see a city that turned to be. Whom to blame I don't know. After the visit for one week; I was almost deaf, depressed, smoked and severe back pain due to the beauty of the roads.

Man! What is happening there? This much change in two years is indescribable.

  • Who is in charge there? What kind of government is running this show? Dirty at the scale of 10 out of 10, noisy, and at the most 100% bribery at the government level.
  • Govt-officials especially the BDA ones are running around to make money without a little fear or shame.

You guys call this the garden city and the IT gateway (with power shut down) of India.

  • Can somebody tell this to your chief minister or chief officials; if there is somebody like that in your system?
  • Why any of your Medias are not reporting any of this. (Well! You can't blame them either because I saw their standard of main reporting was more to the nurses CD story. Grow up man!)

Sorry pal; I should be proud; but ashamed to say this to a Bangalorean; the atheist govt. (incomplete school mates) in kerala is doing much much better than this.

Personally I hope and dream something better can be done there.

Name: Mat
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