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It's ( gold ) digging time!

Unconfirmed news reveals that the 80ft road in Koramanagala is a secret site for gold and diamond minining. The BMC considers the site as a very usefull resource for making lots of moolah from this hidden source. While keeping the citizens (read as dumb) busy with complaining about the condition of the road, it has been able to carry out its secret agenda of road ...oops gold mining.

But dont despair , looking at the situation in positive light it really helps. Consider it like an artist at work on his perfect creation,....the great BMC engineer(I would like to see him once) as a Van Gogh or Picasso who is just not satisfied with his creation and in the pursuit of that ultimate perfection he is always dumping his last one, not being satisfied with it.

Oh yes and what about all the gold he digs out? It is certainly helping him out to gather funds for all the digging he wants to do, and of course, in pursuit of that 'ultimate perfection'. And you thought the funds came from the taxes you paid from your hard earned money? Silly you!

And what about all the earthy feel it gives to the surroundings ahh...just wonderful. When I say 'earthy feel' I mean it! Its dust all over your car,face, hair, open your mouth and you can taste it too. And once in a while you can always put that SUV to test, or may be take a test ride of a Scorpio from that Mahindra showroom at the end of the road.

Who can let go of such advantages by making a road? Roads cause accidents, traffic jams, and all that pollution.

So people, its all for your benefit. Why do we want roads. Want some gold? Get a shovel and start digging that tarmac (or whatever is left of it). Who knows you might get rich overnight!

Name: Kaus
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