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Auto-driver Atrocities

I would like to report an incident which happened last night (25th July 12.30 AM) with me and my friends. We were coming back from Koramangala and had to reach our place in JP Nagar 3rd phase. For this purpose we stopped an auto to hire it. That bloke asked for double the meter and that too in a haughty manner. When we said 1.5 is legal and not double, he got worked up and shouting insanities at us. We threatened we would call the police and he ran away. We have his auto rickshaw number and that guy didn’t have his auto license on display. We walked down to Madiwala crossing where there are so many auto rickshaws hoping to get one fro there. Those guys were charging 80 Rupees for a distance of 2 kms. Ultimately since it was getting late, I decided to hire the auto and my friends would go to their home, nearby. When I entered the auto again there was no license on display. On being asked about it, the auto rickshaw driver said “he had been driving the auto for 13 years i! llegally” (He did say yes to driving the auto illegally). And suddenly asked me to get out of the auto and get lost and started swearing. We asked him not to do so as we never did the same, and that guy just wouldn’t stop. In the meantime about 15 auto rickshaw drivers got together. Apparently, one of them was the one we had tried to hire earlier. He joined in the altercation and he ran after me with a plastic thread or wire aiming for my throat screaming at the top of his voice as if like a madman. I had to run and since I knew my friends place nearby, ran up to his place. My other 2 friends were left behind, and they were beaten by the auto rickshaw drivers and they suffered minor injuries. A constable also came along but that didn’t stop the auto drivers from continuing their assault. Finally these 2 also fled from the scene. During this time we tried calling 100 a hundred times, but there was no response.

We have lodged an FIR with the Madiwala police station. We couldn’t get any contacts in the news papers and we would like this incident reported in the papers.

Kindly do the needful.

Name: Anugrah Lall
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