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Bangalore 'Bust'

Why is Bangalore so worst nowadays?
I lived there from 1993 to 2003 and then went to Chennai. I missed Bangalore so much that I came back here in 2004 on a transfer.

I was shocked to see how in one year Bangalore has deteriorated so much. What a difference there is now between Bangalore and Chennai. The traffic jams, the crowds and so much of nonsense. What a city this has turned out to be ??? Earlier Koramangala was heaven. But now its like hell. What was once used to be called 'roads' are now all mud roads. Why is the Government of Karnataka like this? Have they forgotten that Bangalore was once the No.1 city which prompted so many companies and foreigners to come here and set up shop?

I must caution the people of Bangalore that if this government continues to be unconcerned, Bangalore will no longer be THE destination for companies across the world.

Who would want to come to a city with horrible roads and chaos everywhere?

Name: Kiran
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